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How to insert shortcode in header.php but show it only on some pages?

Open header.php of the current wp theme and go on the same bottom of the file or in place where you want to place it For example you want show shortcode with ID 177 on two pages, with page-ID 22 and 77 Drop the shortcode in the next code example:

How to print on frontend the meta fields we created

If you need display values of the post/custom which are created by built-in meta data constructor, you can use next function:

If you are using this on the single page you not need set $post_id, if somewhere in loop you need set this value. If you are sure that you are using reflection, set $look_for_reflection… read more

How to get search arguments only on my page OR hack my portfolio shortcode

Sometimes there is necessary to hack/hook native theme OR any plugin code to make it works (filterable) with MDTF, as that shortcode uses its own WP_Query request. To make any shortcode works with MDTF do next steps: create page and drop your portfolio shortcode (for example) there in MDTF widget/shortcode options set “Results output page link” link to that new page… read more