My theme have not good woocommerce search templates, how to add them?

Sometimes it is happens, the plugin allows you to use any output template, and in this way we will do next steps to let MDTF use woocommerce templates:

  1. Go to the plugins/woocommerce/templates and copy files there as on screen: 
  2. Paste this files into your current wp theme into woocommerce folder (create it if doesn exist): 
  3. Your site has special page which is created after MDTF installation, check it for existence and do not remove it
  4. Go to the plugin settings page and set settings like on the screen:  , where "Search result page" has link to that special page mentioned above

That is all, now you can use it. In the same way you can create any output files. Write them in 'Output searched posts template' without '.php' on the end.