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How to filter products on the current woocommerce products category page using ‘self’

Install this plugin: Create widget specially for filtering on product category page and set this options on this widget:  In your main MDTF widget set ‘Widget Logic’ condition as: !isset($_REQUEST[‘MDF_IS_WOO_CAT’]) In your special MDTF widget for categories set condition: isset($_REQUEST[‘MDF_IS_WOO_CAT’])  Open in your current WordPress theme archive-product.php file drop next code as on screen: 

In the… read more

How to get meta value of post and show it on front

Use next shortcode:

key – meta key  post_id – ID of the post where its value should be taken. You have to set it if you are going to use this shortcode out of single post page. If inside of single page, you can skip it. reflection – set 1 if you are sure that… read more