How to create custom output template

Here you can download free templates which uses on the plugins demo sites:  ATTENTION: in custom templates must be used css classes: ‘mdtf_posts’ for posts block/list, and ‘mdtf_post’ for each post/item! Closely see templates examples above (button Download). How to create custom template: For example you found html template somewhere and you liked it, for example… read more

How to create custom skin for search shortcode

You need know css to realize it! Firstly go here:  Then copy “default” skin folder and paste it on the same skin directory. Rename it to any custom name you want (without spaces, lowercase) Open your custom skin file styles.css and rename everywhere css class from mdf_shortcode_skin_default to mdf_shortcode_skin_custom  Then go to filter shortcodes, create there new… read more