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How to create custom output template

Here you can download free templates which uses on the plugins demo sites Download


 Demo page from the video

How to create custom template:

  • For example you found html template somewhere and you liked it, for example here Just download it and do next steps.
  • Create in your current wp theme folder new folder with name 'mdf_templates'
  • In that folder - create new folder with name 'any'
  • In that folder 'any' create new folder and name it as you want (without spaces in the name), for example as in our example 'my_cars_5'
  • There create new folder and name it as 'css', + create new file index.php 
  • In folder 'css' create file styles.css and drop there css code of your template
  • In index.php you should write something like in this attachment: my_cars_2
  • The main thing is to create posts loop and include CSS file in the right way as in the example-attachment above - so it by the example my_cars_2

That is all...

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