I have 5000 products/post. Should I configure each to make it searchable

If you want to filter products/posts only by taxonomies and price - you can do it fast, after installing of the plugin you can use it. BUT you should make only one thing as you want filter by price too.

  • create new filter-category 
  • add filter price under this filter-category and save it 
  • reflect it to _price key as on screen above and press save
  • go to the plugin settings on the same bottom of the page   enter your filter-category ID and select post slug
  • press "Assign"

That is all, drop the widget somewhere and use it.

If you have multi-vendor shop and you want to automate this procedure: https://wp-filter.com/howto/how-automatically-enter-the-meta_data_filter_cat-when-an-user-inserts-a-new-article/