How to get search arguments only on my page OR hack my portfolio shortcode

Sometimes there is necessary to hack/hook native theme OR any plugin code to make it works (filterable) with MDTF, as that shortcode uses its own WP_Query request. To make any shortcode works with MDTF do next steps:

  • create page and drop your portfolio shortcode (for example) there
  • in MDTF widget/shortcode options set "Results output page link" link to that new page (created above) with your folio shortcode inside
  • find the file where your portfolio shortcode PHP code placed
  • find the code where that folio shortcode do WP_Query and after that founded code drop next PHP code:

If you not understood or simply not familiar with the code, I can do this - but it is a custom work.

If you do not know where to look it and as it working with code - you can  order custom work  for hooking your wp theme code for fee 20 USD (its will be necessary your PayPal email for invoice + ftp access to the site with short description which shortcode you want to hook/hack)