This shortcode created for filtering posts and any custom post types with MDTF templates. Example: [mdf_custom template=any/my_cars_2 post_type=car orderby=date order=desc page=1 per_page=9 pagination=tb essential=31 panel_id=373] - 10 attributes

  • template - relative path to the template for output search results, see more here.
  • taxonomies - if you want to show posts which belongs to any taxonomy terms. For example you want to show and filter cars only from locations USA which term ID is 77: taxonomies=locations+77.  For more terms use comma: taxonomies=locations+77,96,33
  • orderby - how to order the posts in the shortcode. Read more here please.
  • order - ASC or DESC
  • page - page number from which showing should start for the posts on the page when its loaded
  • per_page - how many posts to show per page
  • pagination - the plugin has in-built pagination. tb - show pagination on top and on the bottom of the page on the same time, t - only on top, b - only on bottom.
  • meta_data_filter_cat - set filter-category here if its necessary
  • panel_id - ID of the sort-panel which you can use with this shortcode
  • essential - if you want to use Essential Grid plugin for your output layout in this shortcode set ID of essential grid here. Read more here.
  • custom_id - for recognizing any shortcode request case personally and search request manipulations


All attributes are optional.

To AJAXIFY searching with this shortcode use next shortcode-wrapper: [mdf_results_by_ajax]