This shortcode is created for filtering WooCommerce products only. Example: [mdf_products columns=2 orderby=date order=desc page=1 per_page=9 pagination=tb essential=31 panel_id=373]


  • columns - how many product show per row. MAX count of columns defined by wp theme functionality and not depends of the plugin functionality!
  • taxonomies - if you want to show products which belongs to any taxonomy terms. Example: taxonomies=product_cat+77 , for more terms use comma:  taxonomies=product_cat+77,96,12
  • orderby - how to order the products in the shortcode. Read more here please.
  • order - ASC or DESC
  • page - page number from which showing should start for the products on the page when its loaded
  • per_page - how many product per page
  • pagination - the plugin has in-built pagination. tb - show pagination on top and on the bottom of the page on the same time, t - only on top, b - only on bottom.
  • meta_data_filter_cat - set filter-category here if its necessary
  • panel_id - ID of the sort-panel which you can use with this shortcode
  • essential - if you want to use Essential Grid plugin for your output layout in this shortcode set ID of essential grid here. Read more here.

All attributes are optional.

To AJAXIFY searching with this shortcode use next shortcode-wrapper: [mdf_results_by_ajax]