This shortcode is the wrapper for [mdf_custom] and [mdf_products] shortcodes to AJAXIFY them.


  • shortcode - write there any of 2 plugins shortcodes: [mdf_custom] OR [mdf_products] without square brackets.
    Example: [mdf_results_by_ajax shortcode="mdf_products columns=4 per_page=12 pagination=tb" animate=1 animate_target=body]
  • animate - you can make animation after ajax searching done to animate_target anchor as in the example above (html tag <body>). Look on the next demo page please.
  • animate_target - can be as: html tag, css class, id  (Examples: body, #mdf_results_by_ajax, .any_css_class) - anchor to where animate user view after ajax search action done.
  • load_more - (v.2.2.7/1.2.7) replace pagination to "Load More" button (mdtf_templates changed)
  • load_more_text - (v.2.2.7/1.2.7) text for "Load More" button (mdtf_templates changed)



This shortcode is sufficiently powerful tool, and allows you make filtering of posts or any another custom post types by AJAX. To use it you should drop this shortcode to the empty page and use MDTF widget or [mdf_search_form] (wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=mdf_shortcodes) shortcode as search form, where "" option should be activated 

Look please this demo