To create sort-panel on the search page you should drop somewhere there (for example in usual text-widget or in the post content-editor) shortcode [mdf_sort_panel]. This shortcode has 1 attribute and it is should be the same as panel_id attribute of the widget (or [mdf_search_form] shortcode) which presents MDTF search form on the current page ... Before using this shortcode you should create MDTF Sort panel here: wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=mdf_shortcodes - and then select it in the bottom of the widget (or [mdf_search_form] shortcode) which presents MDTF search form on the current page: 


  • panel_id - set here panel ID (panel post ID) which you want to see on the current page. If to miss this attribute - default sort panel ID will be shown, which you can set in the plugins settings (tab 'Miscellaneous').

How to add search panel read here.

For templates:

If you want to see sort-panel in your custom MDTF template, you can apply it in the next way:

If you will not set panel_id attribute in the widget (or [mdf_search_form] shortcode), default panel ID will be applied for current sort-panel, which you can set in the plugins settings (tab 'Miscellaneous').

So conclusion - always set the same sort-panel ID in the widget (or [mdf_search_form] shortcode) and [mdf_sort_panel] shortcode!