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Sort panel

MDTF has in-built constructor for the sort panels. This feature you can find here:  Look on this page please to see sort-panel in the action:  It is very easy to create such sort panel: Press “Add new sort panel” Enter title of it Select it “Panel Type” – drop-down or buttons If you want to show… read more

Google map shortcode

Its possible to add Google map into your search template: [mdf_gmap height=”300″ width=”100″ zoom=”11″ maptype=”TERRAIN” metakey=”medafi_map”] height – height of the map width – width of the map zoom – zoom of the map from 1 to 20 maptype – possible values: ROADMAP, SATELLITE, HYBRID, TERRAIN metakey – meta key of the map which was created in built-in meta constructor But… read more

Using search shortcode

MDTF search shortcode is the second main feature in the plugins functionality after MDTF widget. It is very flexible feature which you can insert not only in the sidebar but in any place of your site. Shortcodes of the plugin you can find here:  Lets go into one of them and lets consider its options: Select filter category… read more

Filtering WooCommerce products using shortcode [mdf_products]

The plugin has in-built shortcode for woocommerce products filtering, which based on the native woocommerce product shortcode but with additional features. You can create any page then drop there [mdf_products] shortcode with its attributes, then drop  MDTF filter-shortcode or MDTF widget in the site sidebar to display filter on that page, set in its ([mdf_search_form]… read more

Using AJAX in searching for woocommerce

You have 2 ways to make woocommerce products filtering by AJAX. Lets consider way #1: Go to the plugins settings and check this checkbox:  Go to widget OR shortcode and check this checkboxes:  Try it. BUT! No all themes compatible with its functionality, because a lot of developers overrides woocomerce hooks woocommerce_before_shop_loop and woocommerce_after_shop_loop not in the right way… read more