Google map shortcode

Its possible to add Google map into your search template:

[mdf_gmap height="300" width="100" zoom="11" maptype="TERRAIN" metakey="medafi_map"]

  • height - height of the map
  • width - width of the map
  • zoom - zoom of the map from 1 to 20
  • maptype - possible values: ROADMAPSATELLITE, HYBRID, TERRAIN
  • metakey - meta key of the map which was created in built-in meta constructor

But one thing: to use this shortcode you are need to create in built-in meta constructor filter-item 'map': 

Then in the posts which you are going to show on the map set its latitude and longitude + pin text (optionally): 

That is all. So you can drop map shortcode as into search template so in the any text widget on the search result page. And remember - map will appear only when search is going!

Attention: if your wp theme doesn include Google maps API, you can do it in the plugins settings in tab 'Advanced'. Set there page id(s) (with comma: 25,75,134) only if you do filtering with map on one(some) page(s) only, or -1 to include map js script on all pages of the site ...