Constant link extension

The plugin has convenient extension - Constant link extension which allows you assemble search results in one short link. Just for example click on the next link please:  link example


You were redirected on the page with search results and link above is very short. How to realize it? Just do next steps please:

  • Go to your site front and make searching by your own marketing logic 
  • After that copy from the browser resulted link and go to 'MDTF Constant links' and press there "Add new Constant link"
  • Drop in the textarea the copied resulted link and write any title for the new constant link: 
  • Press 'Publish'
  • After publishing you will get a constant link which you can use in your own marketing companies: 
  • You can use this plugin to make your constant link is more SEO friendly. Just install this plugin and copy your new constant link there
  • Create a new pretty link as on the screen: 
  • Now you have very attractive link like this one:
  • By the way you can control clicks on this beauty links: