How to convert taxonomies terms values into meta values

Sometimes users need conversion any taxonomy terms names into meta data: integer or float values. Reason: desire using range-slider for that values, but trouble in that – range-sliders works only with meta-data. So next algorithm will help you synchronize data: Create in meta constructor html-item, type: range-slider for example. Let it be filter of bpm (beats per minute) on… read more

How automatically enter the “meta_data_filter_cat” when an user inserts a new article

Meta filter category ID  – keeps in each post with the same name key ‘meta_data_filter_cat’. So if you want to allow your user create new posts with already predefined or selected ‘Meta filter category ID’ you are need in your wp theme functions.php  add next code:

Where $meta_data_filter_cat_id is predefined meta_data_filter_cat ID which of course… read more

How to safely update WordPress plugin

open your site wp-content/plugins folder by ftp client, filezilla for example rename previous plugins version folder in the wp-content/plugins folder, for example as: meta-data-filter-old upload the latest version of the plugin to wp-content/plugins folder after the plugins files uploading go to the plugin settings page and press ‘Save’ button that is all…. p.s. you can always roll back to the… read more

How to create price slider with drop-down

It is simple, you can use drop-down for it as on the screen: It can be not only price-“slider” – you can create any filtration by your logic, for example it can be meters,inches, miles, etc …

How to exclude terms from the search form?

There is no such functionality in shortcode, but in the widget:  To resolve your task you are need modify code of the plugin: index.php -> function draw_term_childs_select ->  before

add next code

Where array(57,63,89,99) is term_ids which you want to exclude  

How to use Essential Grid plugin of theme punch with MDTF

From version 2.1.9 (1.1.9) customers can use plugin ‘Essential Grid WordPress Plugin’ to create very beautiful layouts for your site and make them filterable by MDTF.    Download MDTF html templates from here Unzip and upload folder mdf_templates into your current wp theme Create Page in your site and drop there shortcodes like this:  [mdf_results_by_ajax shortcode=”mdf_custom… read more

Pagination doesn work! What to do?

In 20% of wp themes this issue happens. Some time it was the trouble, because issue is just concatenation of circumstances with wp_query and permalinks. First way: In the file wp-content\plugins\meta-data-filter\views\shortcode\meta_data_filter.php on the same bottom uncomment code wp_reset_query(); and try is the filter still works and pagination is ok. Second way: Universal decision based on JavaScript. You have to insert next code into your… read more

After activate the plugin i got error message telling me “WordPress Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter plugin can’t copy the template file

Using ftp upload file from wp-content/plugins/meta-data-filter/views/to_theme/template-meta-data-filter.php to the folder of your current WordPress theme. This template is necessary for the plugin functionality. You can also download the same zipped template from here. Download, unzip and then upload it to the current WordPress theme folder of your site using ftp … Reason: sometimes site hosting companies because… read more