How to convert taxonomies terms values into meta values

Sometimes users need conversion any taxonomy terms names into meta data: integer or float values. Reason: desire using range-slider for that values, but trouble in that - range-sliders works only with meta-data. So next algorithm will help you synchronize data:

  • Create in meta constructor html-item, type: range-slider for example. Let it be filter of bpm (beats per minute) on your site
  • Save it
  • Rename meta key of this new range slider, let it be medafi_bpm as example. Of course you can name it as you want with medafi_ prefix only
  • Now all your posts have nothing < NULL > in this meta field as its new. But you have terms already with names like: 90,120,150, etc...
  • Open your header.php or functions.php and in the same bottom of the file drop next script:
  • Replace __POST_TYPE_SLUG_HERE__ to your real post slug where you want set meta data from any taxonomies terms. Replace __TAXONOMY_SLUG_HERE__ to your real taxonomy slug which terms data you are going place to meta fields.
  • Refresh any front page of the site if it is opened, or just open any front page
  • Remove inserted script from header.php/functions.php and save the file.
  • That is all ...