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MDTF hidden utilities

The plugin has hidden area: wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=meta_data_filter&page=mdf_utilities To display it: open index.php of the plugin (near row #33) find:

and uncomment it (remove ‘//’ on the beginning of the string) save the file you will find useful utility there ‘Terms to meta’ which allows convert any taxonomy terms slugs or names into meta data p.s. this… read more

CSS manipulations while search is going

When searching works in the redirect mode (not ajax) in tag <body> appears CSS class ‘mdf_search_is_going ‘. This fact can help you with any manipulations with site layout while MDTF search request is going on current page. For example hide smth:


How to set logic ‘AND’ for taxonomies terms of the same taxonomy

This works for shortcode [mdf_custom custom_id=777] with attribute ‘custom_id’ (777 is in the code below) + doesn work with dynamic recount (you can hide count by CSS) Example: open your current wp theme functions.php file drop there next code:

In the function mdf_dyn_tax_recount_args in array $and_tax_relation write your taxonomy instead ‘post_tag’ OR using comma add more another… read more

How to convert taxonomies terms values into meta values

Sometimes users need conversion any taxonomy terms names into meta data: integer or float values. Reason: desire using range-slider for that values, but trouble in that – range-sliders works only with meta-data. So next algorithm will help you synchronize data: Create in meta constructor html-item, type: range-slider for example. Let it be filter of bpm (beats per minute) on… read more

How automatically enter the “meta_data_filter_cat” when an user inserts a new article

Meta filter category ID  – keeps in each post with the same name key ‘meta_data_filter_cat’. So if you want to allow your user create new posts with already predefined or selected ‘Meta filter category ID’ you are need in your wp theme functions.php  add next code:

Where $meta_data_filter_cat_id is predefined meta_data_filter_cat ID which of course… read more

How to exclude terms from the search form?

There is no such functionality in shortcode, but in the widget:  To resolve your task you are need modify code of the plugin: index.php -> function draw_term_childs_select ->  before

add next code

Where array(57,63,89,99) is term_ids which you want to exclude  

How to remove drop-down option from html by javascipt

You can remove any option(s) from any drop-down using JavaScript. Look on the next code please:

css class ‘.mdf_taxonomy_pa_color’ is container for drop-down with css class ‘mdf_taxonomy’ which makes filtration for taxonomy ‘pa_color’.  In construction ‘if’ set terms ids which you want to remove. You can drop this script in your footer.php More:… read more