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Use this shortcode in MDTF templates, text-widgets, content editors to show all taxonomies in MDTF search request. Has no attributes. Example: – select locations in the search form Also this shortcode works optionally in the sort-panel – see there option ‘Show results taxonomies navigation’.  


This shortcode created for getting Title text from the drop-down by its meta_key created in the meta data constructor. Example: [mdf_select_title post_id=117 meta_key=medafi_fashion] Attributes: post_id – post ID which uses described drop-down meta_key – meta key of drop-down in meta data constructor Use it in MDTF templates for data outputting. Read also:  


Use this special shortcode in your site wp theme header.php (on the same bottom of the file) when you sure for 100% that you did all options right, but filtering still doesn work. Example:

Read also:  


This shortcode is created for getting data from any post meta field by its meta key created by in-built meta data constructor. Example: [mdf_value post_id=5 key=’medafi_price’ reflection=1] Attributes: post_id – post ID from which you want to get data key – meta key, the same as in the meta data constructor reflection – if meta… read more


To create sort-panel on the search page you should drop somewhere there (for example in usual text-widget or in the post content-editor) shortcode [mdf_sort_panel]. This shortcode has 1 attribute and it is should be the same as panel_id attribute of the widget (or [mdf_search_form] shortcode) which presents MDTF search form on the current page … Before using this shortcode you should create MDTF Sort panel here: wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=mdf_shortcodes – and… read more