Creating simple woocommerce products filtering

So now we have enough information about how to create simple filters which works with taxonomies and meta data on the same time. Lets consider woocommerce now. So the task – create filter for woocommerce products by product category, product attributes and by price. Lets go: Creating filter-sections Go to the filters-sections and create new section there:  Enter… read more

Working with built-in meta data constructor

Built-in meta data constructor is necessary for creating different types of html-items in the MDTF search form which realizes filtering by meta-data. Thanks to this constructor you can create for example such search forms: You can create next types of meta fields with the constructor (filter-items): checkbox label (From v.2.2.2/1.2.2) drop-down range slider range select (From v.2.2.2/1.2.2) textinput… read more

Quick start with taxonomies only

If you are going to filter posts/products by taxonomies only you can use ‘MDTF Taxonomies Only’ widget.  Drop the widget on the sidebar you want and press save widget settings Change widget title or remove it at all Select post type slug you are going to use Results output page link – change it if it… read more

Lets start

After installation of the plugin you should set its settings. See next screens please: Let’s look on the MDTF settings closer: Main settings: Search Result Page – base link where search results shown. It can be overwritten in each MDTF widget or shortcode [mdf_search_form]. For woocommerce site set there link to the shop page. For usual WordPress site… read more


Thank you for using WordPress Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter (MDTF). I hope the plugin will help you to add more power and fun in your site. The plugin works as with meta data so and with taxonomies on the same time AND separately. There is no difference for the plugin to work with posts or with… read more