Works with woocommerce price-range slider. Allows make range in the process of the seacrhing like flexible. Example: range of the price is from 20 to 50 USD. If user will set max price to 40 USD – new displayed maximum will came as 40 USD. If to apply this hook: Before filtering by MDTF: After filtering by… read more


If on the plugin settings page set ‘Show terms childs’ – all child terms on all taxonomies elements will be shown. To disallow it for multi-select this hook will help if return FALSE (by default is TRUE):

From v.2.2.2/1.2.2  


Separates the phrase into search words that allows to perform a search regardless of the location of these words in the phrase. By default is TRUE. Examples: If to set FALSE will be found posts with ONLY exact phrase, for example ‘Hello World’ – all posts with exact phrase only will be found.

If… read more


By default empty sections of the MDTF filter sections are hidden, but for any case its can be cancelled.

  From v.2.2.2/1.2.2  


Hook which allows to set in the plugin search form tag for the section title for any SEO optimizations. H4 is by default.

From v.2.2.2/1.2.2  


Search data in array, useful when its necessary to get seacrh data for any purposes. Its generates by “do_shortcode(‘[meta_data_filter_results]’);” or by basic MDTF search request in the file: wp-content\plugins\meta-data-filter\views\shortcode\meta_data_filter.php Example of using:  


Use it if you want to get MDTF search parameters while searching is going:



This hook-filter works only in the premium version of the plugin for shortcode [mdf_custom] to manipulate by its search request if its necessary using the shortcode attribute ‘custom_id’. Location: wp-content\plugins\meta-data-filter\classes\shortcodes.php -> public static function mdf_custom($atts)  


This hook-filter applies for any taxonomies terms in MDTF search forms. Using this hook you can order taxonomies terms in your custom order by: id, name, slug, count, term_group. Read more here: Example:

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This hook-filter applies for any taxonomies terms in MDTF search forms. Use this hook in pair with Its callback can return 2 values only: ‘ASC’ or ‘DESC’. Example:

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