With MDTF v.2.2.2/v.1.2.2 added new extension as Statistic which allows to collect data about what exactly your site visitors searched on the site with the plugin.

How to use:

  • in the plugin settings in tab Statistic press 'Show/Hide statistic options' button and select 'Enabled'
  • in block 'Server options for statistic' write host+user+password of DataBase where you want to keep statistic data
  • click on 'Check DB connection' button to check entered DB data
  • in block 'Collect Statistic for' select post types for which you want to collect data. There displayed post types which were checked in the first tab of the plugin settings in 'Supported post types'
  • press 'Save settings' button
  • now in the tab Statistic press 'Show/Hide statistic options' button again
  • in block 'Collect Statistic for' for each selected post type select taxonomies and write meta keys per line 
  • set all another options (all is described there) there by your logic
  • press 'Save settings' button

After some time, for example 1 week, you can analyze statistical data:

  • go to tab Statistic in the plugin settings
  • set period in 'Select period' option
  • in 'Statistical parameters' select post type which statistic you want to see, then its taxonomies and meta keys if you want
  • press 'Calculate Statistics' button