Changing search form on the fly for different filter-categories

Sometimes sites has a lot of different stuff which should be filtered but has different search parameters. For example, we have woocommerce shop (it is just an example, imagine any scenario you want), and our products is office chairs and PC monitors. It is only 2 kinds in this example but could be more ... So, chairs has parameters as material, leather, high. Monitors: LCD, manufacturer, diagonal, etc ...

So it is 2 different kinds of the products with different parameters, and the same filter for both kinds of products is a wrong way. So we need to create two filter-categories for each product type, and in built-in constructor create html-sections and html-items for each. Then main question: HOW TO DISPLAY SEARCH FORM to make possibility to filter both kinds of products by one widget?!

You can do next for this:

  • In the MDTF widget - select created above filter-categories: 
  • That is all 😉

Just look the next demo   example