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Update v.2.2.8/v.1.2.8

Important security update. Thanks to 宛先: NISHIOKA RYOMA, Cryptography Laboratory Tokyo Denki University

Update v.2.2.7/v.1.2.7

Small code fixes New attribute for shortcode [mdf_results_by_ajax] – load_more and load_more_text which allows to use instead of pagination “Load More” button Code of mdtf_templates is updated    

Update v.2.2.3/v.1.2.3

Important security fixes: plugins\meta-data-filter\classes\shortcodes.php plugins\meta-data-filter\core.php plugins\meta-data-filter\ext\mdf_posts_messenger\mdf_posts_messenger.php plugins\meta-data-filter\ext\mdf_stat\index.php plugins\meta-data-filter\views\shortcode\search_panel_terms.php    

Update v.2.2.2/v.1.2.2

What is new: (18.08.2017) extension Post Messenger extension Statistic hook mdf_tag_title_sections hook mdf_hide_title_empty_section hook mdf_txtsearch_some_words_behavior and mdf_txtsearch_some_words_condition hook mdf_multy_select_show_all_childs hook mdf_woo_price_dinamic_recount shortcode [mdf_search_panel] shortcode [mdf_posts_messenger] some little fixes  

How to create simple Car Dealer site from scratch with powerful ajax search

Note: I forgot to clarify – Maker and model you are need create by taxonomies: create taxonomy car_maker and Parent is maker -> child is model For gallery used this WordPress plugin: Use [mdf_sort_panel] instead of [mdf_draw_sort_by_filter]